About the Author

Medina Whiteman was born in Granada, southern Spain, in 1982 to an American mother and English father, both of whom had recently become Muslims after being part of a series of Sufi groups. Medina was raised in the UK, and ended up studying African Language and Culture at SOAS in London, which whetted her appetite for a lifelong learning experience of humanity, literature, spirituality and language. After various travels to Northern India, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania and a few other places in between, the gravitational pull of the city of her birth drew her back to Andalusia, where she is currently based. Medina is married with two young children and she tries to do far too much in too short a space of time: teaching her kids all the most important things she can think of, mostly involving laughter; growing food and learning about herbs; doing various bits of writing and journalism for print and online; singing her heart out; writing her heart out; reveling in the beauty all around. She doesn’t  sleep very much. But life is never dull.