Maria Bashir was born in 1970 in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. She graduated from from Law and Political Science Faculty of Kabul University in 1992 and started working as prosecutor in 1993. She has been Chief Prosecutor of Herat Province since 2006. She is married and has three children.

Alka Sadat is a filmmaker based in Afghanistan. Alka was born in the heart of Afghanistan. From the time she was very young the Taliban controlled the country. From a young age Alka studied at home with her mother and when she was 17 Alka began to work with her sister, Roya Sadat, on “Three Dots Film”. Throughout her career Alka has filmed and produced several works including; GOUTH in Kabul, Half Value Life, the documentary film entitled 1,2,3?, May By For You and Me, We are Post-Modern, 00 God, and several others.

Alka’s groundbreaking work has led her to receive numerous awards and recognitions including: a Peace Prize from the Afghan Civil Society Organization, best film from Italy international Trevignano film festival 2007, best film from Bahrain human Rights international film festival 2006, best film from international Almata film festival, best camera operato from Kabul film festival, the Public Liberties & Human Rights Award at Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival, and the first award from Women's Voices Now' Film Festival in Los Angeles, among numerous others.

Alka has worked on several documentary films in Italy and began studying there in 2009. Alka is one of the active members of Roya Film House, has worked for Aki TV, IRA 3 International, and Italy TV, and most recently directed a documentary film about family law in 2012. Alka is also currently working with the United Nations.