What is the Muslima Discussion Toolkit?

The toolkit is designed to help facilitate conversation, better understanding, and actions between diverse communities. It’s a companion piece to the Muslima: Muslim Women’s Art & Voices exhibition presented by IMOW. This discussion toolkit can be used at town hall meetings, in discussions at schools, after school programs, houses of worship, senior citizen centers, community centers, faith– and interfaith-based organizations, businesses, nonprofits, and book groups.

Participants can view selections from the Muslima exhibition and then engage in conversations about fears and stereotypes of each other; discuss whether the arts can help build bridges between communities; and how various societies can benefit from deeper awareness and appreciation of differences in order to bring about a more inclusive world.

What Will You Need?

  • Computer(s) with internet access to muslima.globalfundforwomen.org
  • Screen if you want to project images and text
  • Muslima: Who Are Muslim Women? PDF with discussion questions

Downloadable assets:



I. Identifying Stereotypes

II. Muslim Women and the Veil: Analyzing Stereotypes Through Images

III. Female Agency: Challenging Stereotypes