About the Artists

With modern art training in Pakistan, Suliman is devoted to art education in her hometown Kandahar in Afghanistan. Not only teaching art in university, but she also joined Kandahar Fine Arts Association (KFAA) to contribute contemporary art movement. As an artist and activist, Suliman’s practice often provokes the audience and, irritates the authority as well. One of her sculpture shows a disabled child symbolizing the victim of brutal war, another sculpture of a hanged woman - “that’s what happened to women when they ask for their rights here,” she said. As of her remarkable graffiti image, in Suliman’s word, “the burqa over a skeleton is a self-portrait.”

Hassani and Suliman continually fight for social justice with their street art. Their action requires not only inspiration, but also the courage to confront the difficulties in life and to declare Muslim women’s human rights. They give a powerful voice to the women behind the veil.
(Text by Gwen Kuan-ying Kuo)