About AWWP

The Afghan Women’s Writing Project (AWWP) was founded in 2009 in defense of the human right to voice one’s story. The Afghan constitution protects freedom of expression for all citizens, yet Afghan women are frequently unable to exercise this basic privilege due to severe gender inequality.

As participants in AWWP, Afghan women writers are mentored in secure online classes by women poets, novelists, screenwriters, essayists, memoirists and journalists from around the world.  They also gather and write together at in-country workshops. The writers’ work is then shared with readers on the AWWP's online magazine.

The aim of the organization is to nurture, educate, and carry the voices of Afghanistan’s women to the world, while offering readers unique insights into Afghan culture. We believe that telling one’s story is an act of empowerment that instills leadership abilities as it reinforces the principle of freedom of speech.