About the Author

Raha Rastifard is an Iranian artist whose work ranges from photography to video and installations. Her work always stems from her personal experiences, and is largely autobiographical. Rastifard was born in Tehran, Iran and currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. In her highly lyrical art, she creates digital pictures full of (trans) cultural, poetic and historical art reference. Her work as an artist is based on narrating a story.

After the Iranian revolution in 1979, Rastifard went on to graduate from the National University of Art in Tehran with a Bachelor's degree in 1999. Rastifard worked intensively with photography for several years until she founded the artists' group “Artists without Borders” in Iran and curated the group's exhibitions. She moved to Germany to gain new experiences in life, art and to study new languges and culture. In 2011, she achieved a Master's degree in European and Islamic Art History and Iranian Studies at the Frei University Berlin.

During all these years, Rastifard has been very productive as an artist, and her work has been exhibited internationally, including Tehran, Berlin, Bonn, London, New York City, Tokyo, New Delhi, Kabul, Stockholm, Mexico City and Shanghai. Her works are in several private collections and international galleries, as well as in the Pergamon Museum collection in Berlin. Through my work, she has been able to release and resolve her suffering and turbulent life experiences in order to find peace.

For more information: www.raharastifard.com