About the Author

Haleh Jamali works with a wide range of media and techniques that have included painting, photography, installation, video and performance. Her interest in portraiture and narrative stems from a desire to address the social aspects of representation, particularly in relation to the female gender and with a concern for the hidden layers beneath that which is visible. Haleh states: “For me, the diversity, versatility, and unrivaled ability of portraits to communicate, make them an enigma. Indeed, my particular concern is to reveal the paradoxes and ambiguities behind the eyes of the portrait subject who tries to communicate emotions, arrest attention, and often express feelings of both attraction and repulsion.” Encouraging an intimate relationship between the viewer and the subject, Haleh considers how an individual’s identity can be constructed in relation to Others, while simultaneously suggesting that the Self and the Other are inseparable. Haleh’s artwork appears in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally. Most recent exhibitions of her work include: 25th Festival Les Instants Vidéo, Marseille-France Nuit Blanch, Arta Gallery, Toronto- Canada; Facade Video Festival, Old Town of Plovdiv- Bulgaria; The Venice Art Night, Arte Laguna Prize,Telecom Future Centre, Venice–Italy, Finalist Exhibition of Arte Laguna Prize, Nappe of Arsenale of Venice–Italy; |FAT| Fashion Art Toronto Festival, multi-arts event, Toronto-Canada.