Sarah Taibah

From Saudi Arabia / USA

Back Story…

I've always been free. or at least I always have been in that space called mind...But wait, what is liberty? and what makes me queen of that domain? And where is that place?

Is it a sharp corner I discovered in a soft circular room? Did It capture me to the point in which I adopted it as a way of life? Or is it a thought that radiated like a light bulb over my head? A big thought. A very big thought. One that is restricted within many of its kind, despite its profound size...Never ending dimensions.

But regardless if I have entered the force field of absolute freedom or not, I am in a state of uncertainty.

My belonging to Islam and its possession over me does not rid me of any freedom ...I am who I am. And my spirituality doesn’t stop me as a wandering woman. Pursuing, striving, and making things happen.

My Religion is love... Love I found in a room deep in my heart. And from it I transmit love to everything else that exists in this universe.


Sarah Taibah is a Muslima Ambassador. See her featured work here and learn more at