S. Nadia Hussain

From USA / Bangladesh

Back Story…

Life is hell, so why worry?

I do not believe in a heaven or a hell, or any potential afterlife for that matter. I believe that heaven and hell is a living part of our lives. I do not do good deeds in this life hoping for brownie points for an imaginary heaven, I do good for its purpose in the here and now and perhaps for generations that will come thereafter. With everything I have faced in my life, I have lived through hell, so if there is a hell after this, then bring it on.  Hellfire is no comparison to heartbreak, to the loss of loved ones and to the atrocities that humans inflict on one another. So honestly, I'm not concerned with fire and brimstone, my reckoning has been and will be in this life.

You can have your hell, for I do not fear it.

S. Nadia Hussain is a Muslima Ambassador. Find her on Twitter, read her blog, or view her featured work here.