Dini Rahma Bintari

From Indonesia / USA

Back Story…

Women relate to the world with specific patterns of power and strategies for change that come from suffering and frustration, and also from hope and the ability to persist against odds. In defining a new paradigm of power for women, the term "power with" will be more suitable instead of "power over." “Power over” means power to subjugate, to manipulate and to control, whereas "power with" refers to creating change through cooperative action with others in partnership, capacity to get the job done in collaboration with others for mutual benefit and the common good.  

This is why these six words: Good Friends, Good Food, Good Deeds, would be suitable to explain Muslim women. As women, they have the pattern of collaborating with their friends (Good Friends) to achieve common good (Good Deeds). As this collaboration happening, their harnessing ability also maintained by cooking Halalan Thoyiban meals (Good Food) that will bound them even more as community of Muslims. With this, Muslim women will be able to change the world for betterment of humankind. These six words represent me because I love being with my friends; cooking and eating delicious good meals; sharing knowledge and doing projects as good deeds

Dini Rahma Bintari is a Muslima Ambassador.