About the Author

Hana Baba is a reporter and Co-Host of Crosscurrents, a daily radio newsmagazine that broadcasts on KALW Public Radio in the San Francisco Bay Area. On a national level, Hana does freelance writing and reporting on ethnic communities, poverty, health, culture, religion, and the arts. Her radio work has appeared on various NPR programs, and PRI's The World. Her articles have appeared on New America Media and the Sudan Tribune. A Sudanese-American, Hana also reports from and about Sudan and Sudanese, and is fluent in Arabic. Hana has moderated panel discussions on local media and journalism, broadcast on radio and television. She also is a bilingual English/Arabic voice-over talent, and is the voice of the audio tour of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's permanent exhibit. Hana Baba is also a Muslima Ambassador.