About the Author

Kathleen Mclaughlin:

Kathleen E. McLaughlin is an American journalist who has been based in China for more than a decade.  She has covered everything from labor abuses to politics, economics, and social upheaval in China, following a long stint as a political reporter in the United States. Her work from Asia has appeared in a broad variety of U.S. news media outlets including the PBS NewsHour, Christian Science Monitor, San Francisco Chronicle, and Foreign Policy, among others.

Sharron Lovell:

Sharron Lovell is a British freelance photographer based in Asia. Equipped with a camera and multimedia skills, she attempts to cover some of the less represented sides of each country she visits. Sharron has traveled extensively in China and speaks Mandarin Chinese.

Her work has been published in National Geographic books, Newsweek, The Guardian, Global Post, Berlinske, Politiken, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist & The Economist’s Intelligent Life, The Irish Times, Forbes, The Independent, Grazia, Ms. Magazine, Adbusters, Le Monde and The Financial Times.